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Dust Control & Suppression With Fog

Waste Transfer MRF MicroCool Mist
An atomized fog system can control dust for many factory, waste management and production environments without over-wetting the environment like other mist systems. Given the smaller particle size, fog effectively tackles dust particles, containing the 'cloud' effect dust can create. Mist Systems Effectively Reduce Dust Summer can be a time when dust plays a…

Odor Control: Wastewater, Solid Waste (MSW), Sludge Processing, MRF

wastewater MSM control odor
For Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) facilities such as landfill, waste-to-energy, composting, Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) recycling, and Non-MRF recycling along with wastewater processing and lagoons, using a mist system to contain odors can mean the difference in being a good neighbor. Odor Control at community or municipal waste facilities can focus on managing one…

MicroCool Hummingbird Pump: In Action

MicroCool Hummingbird Pump
We thought it might be helpful to show our hummingbird pump in action. What you'll notice is how quiet the pump is. So much so that you can hear birds chirping in the background (we are located in the Coachella Valley). It was just one of those moments.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fctqHyf8ZAo  

Fog: Humidity & Dust Control For Woodworking Facilities

Add Humidity Woodworking
Fog adds humidity to dry woodworking environments while also controlling dust & debris in the air. A fog system can influence the bottom line by reducing wood distortion, product waste and minimize reworking of finishes caused by issues with drying, curing and attracting fine particles. What Are The Problems Associated With Low Humidity For Finished…

Desert Cannabis Cultivation: Need For Humidity

landscape of Coachella Valley
Opening up zoning for cannabis operations in Southern California's desert and inland areas means cultivators must deal with dry conditions. How are growers dealing with this very real condition of growing in a dry, desert region? High humidity environments for at least part of the growing stages has become more common in this new…

Using Fog: Propagation Greenhouse

Fog Propagation Greenhouse
MicroCool Fog In Action: Video Commercial Propagation Greenhouses benefit from use of fog for germination, seedling, weaning stages as well as storage for hardier tree cuttings. See the MicroCool system in action. Do you need to optimize growing conditions across the plant lifecycle? Propagation: Customer Story   |   MicroCool IBEX Pump   |   Design Considerations  | Photos…

Fog Special FX For Mazeland In Jeju, Korea

Mazeland Fog
In conjunction with Hae Mi Corporation, a MicroCool fog system was installed recently at Mazeland on South Korea's Jeju Island. Jeju is known as the Hawaii of South Korea with temperate weather, lush environs and many gorgeous beaches. Jeju, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site for it's volcanic formations and lava tubes, is located…

Data Centers Must Respond to High Weather Temperature Trend

Additional Cooling Data Centers
Responding to increased heat & weather temperatures, in addition to more hot days, is in focus and of concern for data centers, colocations, hosting companies and any companies dealing with critical digital data. Even in areas where average daily temperatures have historically been lower, most recently, temperatures have seen record highs. This was fairly…

Customer Success: Quiet Fog For University Greenhouse

greenhouse quiet fog mist pump
If Fog Is Released In A Greenhouse And No One Is Around... A recent installation of our IBEX pump in one of CU Boulder’s Greenhouses really brought home to us our customers’ appreciation of just how quiet MicroCool fog pumps are compared to others available. “The new fog system is fantastic!!!  Much less noise…

Greenhouses: Transforming Heat Energy Into Evaporative Cooling

How Does Evaporative Cooling Work in a Cannabis Greenhouse Environment? Air inside the greenhouse heats up due to sunlight exposure. Fog is dispersed evenly throughout the house to take advantage of this energy in the form of ambient heat. The energy is used to transform atomized fog into another state (vapor) ultimately resulting in…