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Optimize Growth

Fogging provides constant temperature and humidification control that’s integrated with climate computers, ventilation systems and other monitoring equipment.

Control Air Quality

Getting dust and odor under control improves worker safety and meets regulatory requirements. It also protects against costly environmental citations and fines.

Add Humidity

Adding humidity helps eliminate static electricity, reduces contaminants and maintains product quality. Our adiabatic cooling systems are surprisingly economical to operate and maintain.

Process Cooling

Increase A/C equipment performance while minimizing energy costs. Pre-cooling systems can reduce energy requirements by 20% or more with major gains in output.

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Commercial & Industrial Humidification Fog Systems by MicroCool®

Since 1980, MicroCool has led the adiabatic cooling & evaporative humidification industry with innovative ideas and engineering breakthroughs for industry & municipalities. MicroCool customized solutions serve industries including electronics, greenhouse & growing, printing and more!

Industrial Humidifier Solutions

Over the past four decades and counting, MicroCool has been a leading innovator in the industrial humidifier, adiabatic cooling, and evaporative humidification technology space. We have designed custom solutions that serve many different industries and municipalities including commercial electronics, greenhouses, industrial plants, office buildings, and more. MicroCool strives to be a leader in service, accountability, quality, and adaptability to bring you the very best, every time.

Our team has leveraged experience and cutting-edge technology to help solve some of today’s most pressing problems regarding energy consumption, water demands, indoor climate control, and mechanical stability and scalability for production. MicroCool has also made tremendous strides in improving human health concerns that stem from poor air and humidity conditions that may lead to unsafe work environments.

Our Humidification Solutions

At MicroCool, we offer state-of-the art industrial humidifier solutions and so much more. These solutions include:

#1. Humidification

Eliminating static electricity and prolonging product and machinery life are just some of the many benefits that come with using an industrial humidifier. You can control your own environment with MicroCool’s cutting edge humidification systems. These systems are designed specifically for your space and are “zoned” into different sections. You can adjust the nozzle location or direction for individual rooms or sections, delivering exactly the level of humidity

#2. Greenhouse Cooling

Fogging systems are a must for anyone looking for greenhouse growth and advanced misting evaporative cooling solutions. This service provides you the perfect, controlled humidification and cooling with constant temperature control that’s easily integrated into the climate computers of your greenhouse for your plant and cannabis growing.

#3. Air Quality Control

MicroCool’s industrial odor and dust control misting systems are the perfect way to protect your employees as well as yourself from costly and avoidable citations. Protect your workers’ safety, while also meeting regulatory requirements with air quality control that’s dialed in with precision.

#4. Process Cooling

The benefits of cooling systems are often overlooked in favor of other energy saving technologies, but it really pays off. Many studies have shown that with minimal investment you can improve both performances and reduce costs by up to 20%. That’s huge for large industrial facilities such as natural gas compression facilities and large heat exchangers, and highly efficient for your business.

Industrial Humidifier Solutions and Air Quality Services You Can Count On

At MicroCool, we pride ourselves on high-quality customer service, dynamic service models, and the latest technology and strategies to get the job done right. Contact MicroCool if you want to get started with the best industrial humidifier services and air quality control solutions anywhere on the market.

We’ve been providing world-class services for decades, so we know through experience the best practices in the field and how to do everything right. If you choose us as your partner, our team is ready to help support all of your needs from start to finish. Whether that means setting up a new system or maintaining an existing one, MicroCool has got you covered. Let us show you why no other company can compete with MicroCool when it comes to industrial humidifier services!

If you have any questions or are ready to get started, contact us here or call us at 760-322-1111.