Components Overview

Equipment: Industrial & Commercial Humidification Systems

MicroCool industrial and commercial fog humidification systems handle light-duty, small space humidity all the way up to heavy-duty output for multi-acre greenhouses and large industrial facilities. Versatile pumps have built-in intelligence, safety features and flawlessly handle multiple zones operating stand-alone or can plug into larger control systems. All controls panels are made in our UL 508A Listed Industrial Panel Shop.

MicroCool offers free design, superior equipment, timely tech support and 40+ years of experience across a wide range of industries. Whether it’s high output, heavy-duty, rugged humidity systems or precision indoor humidity control—we build for your specs!

Components Overview

MicroCool is a global leader in designing and manufacturing energy-efficient industrial humidity control systems for a wide range of industries. If you are looking for a humidification system to help create a productive and healthy indoor environment, then look no further than MicroCool solutions.

Our fog humidification systems are perfect climate control tools for facilities where temperature and humidity levels are critical to productivity, such as pharmaceutical plants, bio-medical labs, plastics factories, food and beverage facilities, wine storage rooms, indoor growing houses, data centers, and much more. These industries heavily rely on having an optimal humidification process to control moisture levels and prevent the buildup of static electricity and dust.

Importance of Industrial Humidity Control Systems

A humidification system for industrial processes is designed to control the humidity levels of the indoor atmosphere in order to create the best possible conditions for manufacturing and protect the health of the workers. At MicroCool, we go the extra mile. In addition to increasing a facility’s productivity, our smart fog humidification solutions require minimal energy consumption.

For many companies, one of the biggest expenses is maintaining the right temperatures and humidity levels in their warehouses. Reliable air conditioning is vital during hot summer months to keep products stored at the proper temperatures, but it is very expensive. Additionally, AC units tend to diminish the humidity in warehouses, reducing the shelf life of storage items such as food, liquor, and medications.

An industrial humidity and climate control system can help. It is an affordable way to increase the humidity in a contained environment and reduce the ambient temperature.

Benefits of a MicroCool Humidifier Fog System

With over four decades of experience, we understand that different industries have different requirements when it comes to climate control. Our fog systems can be customized to your specific humidity needs regardless of what type of facility you have.

All of our industrial humidification systems are designed with specific control factor considerations so as to increase efficiency, cut operating costs, and protect your products. Here are some of the other benefits we can offer:

Increased Savings

It’s a common misconception that installing a high-tech humidifier comes with greater utility bills. MicroCool has spent the last 40+ years developing an evaporative humidification technology with lower energy consumption & cooling technology that can reduce energy consumption by 20% or more. Our industrial solutions offer designs that immediately cool the air surrounding HVAC systems to ensure performance is at its best throughout the summer months, leading to further savings in utility bills.

Improved Health of Your Workforce and Clients

An atmosphere of low humidity can be extremely unhealthy. It can lead to dehydration headaches, cracked skin, irritated eyes, coughing, dry throat, and even the flu and other illnesses. Dusty working conditions and poor air quality can also make existing medical conditions (like allergies and asthma) worse. By installing a MicroCool humidifier, you can protect the health of your employees and ensure greater productivity throughout the year.

Prevention of Static Electricity

Electrostatic discharge can cause irreparable damage to sensitive electronic components and expensive equipment. Furthermore, it can result in catastrophic consequences in a facility that handles flammable chemicals. MicroCool’s smart fog humidifier can drastically minimize this risk and keep your employees, equipment, and buildings safe.

Applications of MicroCool’s Industrial Humidity Control Systems

Our humidification systems have helped create the perfect indoor climate across several applications, including:

Cannabis Grow Facilities and Greenhouses

In plant growing rooms, the yield almost completely depends on climate control throughout the growth cycle. A custom-designed MicroCool misting system is able to regulate humidity and temperature within an extensive range of parameters, leading to improved plant health, greater yield, and higher profitability.

Automotive Factories

When manufacturing automobiles, you have to prevent static energy and dust buildup, especially during the sanding process. Thanks to MicroCool solutions, your equipment and employees can work in an indoor environment with improved quality, which will show in everything from the assembly to the paint job.

Paper Mills and Printing Plants

Paper storage, paper production, and printing facilities across the world are benefiting from the controlled environment solutions provided by MicroCool.  Paper products can quickly lose and gain moisture so regulating the relative humidity levels in the facility is critical for preserving the quality of those products. Humidity regulation also reduces the risk of problems with machine operations, ink absorption, and paper shrinking or curling.

Woodworking Spaces

If you manufacture wood products, your factory’s primary goal is to maintain the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) so as to decrease the risk of wood cracking, splitting, and bending. The MicroCool fog humidification system can be tailored to stabilize the EMC, thus reducing a majority of the quality issues in woodworking while lowering your operational costs at the same time.

Textile Factories

MicroCool’s humidity and moisture control systems reduce rejections and downtime by improving the tensile strength of fibers, while also filtering lingering airborne lint and lowering static electricity. The resulting reduced waste and enhanced production capacity will improve your overall profitability.

Libraries, Galleries, and Museums

Places that are full of artifacts, paintings, old books, and other fragile items need properly regulated indoor environments to preserve them. You can minimize the risk of deterioration, mold growth, and other detrimental issues with MicroCool’s industrial humidity control technology.

Discover the Latest Innovations in Climate Control with MicroCool

Our fog humidification systems work well in any industrial or commercial facility, including automotive manufacturing, plastic manufacturing, glass fiber boat manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, printing, aerospace and defense, medical, pharmaceutical, food storage, woodworking, and more, plus galleries, museums, and commercial buildings.

We have an incredible selection of temperature cooling and humidity control products, which can be customized to meet your unique needs. No matter what type of environment you have, we have the ideal atmosphere regulating solution for you.

Our designers will be happy to guide you through the entire process, from designing the perfect solution to optimizing your equipment for maximum performance. You can call us at 1-800-322-4364 or contact us online to learn more.