Eco-Friendly Dust & Odor Control For MRFs, Recycling & Waste Transfer Stations

Waste transfer odor control

How Fog Minimizes Dust & Odor

MicroCool’s solution for waste handling facilities minimizes dust and odor by releasing a 10-micron atomized water fog which tackles any fugitive dust keeping it on the facility floor rather than traveling and moving in the air. Customized design for each system accounts for each facility’s specific and unique environmental conditions to provide enough moisture to manage fugitive dust without wetting floor and ground areas.

Materials Recovery  Facilities (MRFs), Waste Handling Stations and Recycling Centers Utilize Eco-Friendly Dust & Odor Solution.

MicroCool was chosen as the fog system for Athens Services’ unique and cutting-edge recycling and waste handling facility when it was built and designed by BHS (Bulk Handling Systems) at the Sun Valley, CA location. Included in the award-winning design of the facility is a signal that opens the doors and then activates the mist around these doors leading to the tipping floor, as trucks enter or exit the building. Additional nozzles are positioned around exhaust points, impacting the exiting air stream and minimizing odors.

Fog System MRF


Energy Efficient Fog: Perfectly Aligns With Materials Recovery & Recycling Facilities’ Goals

In addition to the ROC stainless steel line with its patented one of a kind, hand-adjustable directional nozzle design, the flexibility built into the ‘brain’ of the MicroCool system works in conjunction with the facility’s own control system.

The system handles features like mist zones, multiple programmed on/off times, use of hygrometers to activate and maintain humidity level set-points. Eco-friendly features of the MicroCool system include an energy efficient variable frequency drive (VFD) high-pressure pump using the least amount of energy possible. Given the very small orifice size of the nozzles in conjunction with the high-pressure system, no additional energy is needed to create the fog mist as opposed to other competing systems such as those that utilize compressed air.

The earth-friendly MicroCool fog system aligns perfectly with materials recovery facilities’ (MRF) goal to recover and reuse household and commercial waste materials. Delivering Energy-Efficient Fog Solution to Eco-Friendly Materials Recycling & Waste Transfer Stations Minimizes Dust & Odors.

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