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Humidify paper storage and reduce dust

Are You Ready To Handle Winter Low Humidity This Year?

As soon as temperatures start to drop, heaters get turned on in packaging, print and related production environments. Turning on the heating system can suddenly reduce relative humidity (RH) levels for indoor production facilities. In paper and packaging facilities, operations managers must immediately begin dealing with dry paper materials & packaging. Plastics, coatings and films used in conjunction with sophisticated packaging options are also affected by low humidity.

Winter Heating Causes Moisture Loss

Heating systems like gas-fired heaters create low humidity. This condition negatively affects paper and wood-pulp based products by sucking moisture content out of materials. These materials can become stiff and brittle. This slows production by causing papers to stick to machinery, creating jams and generally affecting quality of product. Schedules can be affected causing delays and downtime. Humidity For Packaging With advances in packaging, organic materials are only one element affected by low humidity. More complicated and advanced packaging options can include materials such as plastics & films. In addition, materials used for finishing such as glues, adhesives and coatings can also be affected by dry conditions as they are fused to specialty cardboard and corrugated papers.

Secondary Problem Faced With Low Humidity: Static

If you experience Winter at all in your geography, you’ll be familiar with the static created as you take off your coat at the end of the day. This separating of material-on-material can give your skin a tiny shock. In industrial and commercial production environments, static can create bigger problems. Electrostatic charge from machinery and that created between sheets of paper on a roll can build. Static can make sheets of paper stick together and also to rollers and machinery. Not only does it affect production and materials, but static can even cause fires or short-circuit controls. There are various methods of relieving static but one simple technique is to increase the relative humidity level in a closed environment.

Add Humidity To Indoor Environment &

Optimize Production Of Packaging.

Please let us know if you are looking for a dependable, consistent humidity solution for your Winter dry conditions this year. Our experienced team has created solutions using our quality equipment at some of the largest print & packaging facilities in the world.

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