Industrial Strength Humidification – 10 Reasons Why

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Humidity plays an important role in industrial processes such as printing, textile manufacturing, storage facilities, automotive, and more. These industries rely on a balanced environmental system that maintains an optimal level of humidification. Even in humid climates, humidity levels indoors will vary, which can cause serious problems for the manufacturing process indoors. Adding humidity with industrial strength humidification applications is a delicate process vital for the success of your business. Let’s explore why:

10. Static Control

Static is directly attributed to the level of humidity in the air. It attracts many particles such as dust and lint. Certain machines are especially sensitive to static electricity, triggering operational failure through electrical discharge damage. Materials, such as sheets of paper in a printing factory, can stick together. It can present discomfort or danger to operators through electric shock.

9. Improved Productivity

Across the board, optimal humidity levels effectively increase productivity, in contrast to inadequate humidity levels that slow production yield. For example, ideal humidification reduces yarn breakage in weaving because yarn elasticity and strength is maintained, reducing overall machine downtime and diminishing waste.

8. Consistent Quality Product

When you’re operating a cold store that houses a high quantity of perishables and vegetables, a cooler that maintains low humidity levels, which means these products will begin to deteriorate quickly. Small amounts of water introduced into the controlled atmosphere can replenish the humidity in the air to sustain freshness.

7. Dust and Allergens

Industrial strength humidification doesn’t just maintain optimal humidity levels, it also reduces dust and allergens in the air. When utilizing effective environmental control with micron-sized fog droplets, the droplets smash into dust particulates, forcing them to fall to the ground for collection.

6. Reduce Pollutants

If water sits around in steel lines, it encourages bacteria growth and becomes stale. The solution is to flush the line on a daily basis, ensuring clean, fresh water to be distributed as fog/mist.

5. Maintains Humidity

MicroCool engineers design the positioning of each environmental control system for optimal humidification for better distribution of humidity throughout a room or building.

4. Cost Effective Installation

When compared to conventional steam, electrode steam, and air/water systems, it lowers initial installation costs. If preferred, these systems can also be self-installed.

3. Less Maintenance

Electronic and hydraulic safeguards have been set in place to prevent any possible damage to MicroCool humidity control systems.

2. Lower Operating Cost

By installing cost effective, custom-designed fog systems by MicroCool, that do not require a compressor, corporations lower operating, maintenance, and repair costs.

1. Long-Lasting

MicroCool employs reverse osmosis systems, which are proven to be economically efficient by preventing calcium deposits from gathering at the nozzle and increasing nozzle life.

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